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TICK, TACK. Tic-tac. you're still working? Sometimes what is helpful, only the calendar on your own. Whenever I'm afraid that my life has not progressed, I think that so much experience to write my first novel. It was a full-time occupation tax and a filthy apartment, the he with two roommates together. While tuna go mid-week, on a good night, of seven, believed tofu or home - eat before he is at my desk until midnight. I gave the most writing of pure Saturdays. Sunday was a wonderful version, but otherwise he don't have much of a social life. It was often exhausted and despite spending little, constantly on the brink of financial disaster. I still remember a euphoric feeling. I was driven by a passionate desire: I will live, and not an end. I finished that and changed my life not fully, good manners, but. I had always, to make money, but I need my job. I wrote that it is late at night while trying to sleep. Life dreamed of success for a long time. But the near euphoric feeling was gone.   If you are a developer or a Web Designer or an entrepreneur, means working for yourself, that you defined acceptable commercial day. This new luxury, check my own agenda seemed to control me.    Meanwhile, my freedom to make my own schedule had overwhelmed me. I tried it and it had provided a plan after another. I game felt guilty dream, while I worked and will not work when I played. Only not really. Since all my ideas had trained at the workplace in the traditional work, I held in DECA: If work eight hours a day, he could write for eight hours in the House? In the same way I thought about my former life of entertainment as a reward for my work, and not as a time charge, during germination ideas. My pace three continuous hours a day, with an option as first letter seemed more if it went well, but equally legitimate opportunity, if not to make them. Records of sandwich in the fridge, no time and energy to help out at lunch. no social plans with everyone, without exception. -before the 5 p. m.; an hour in the gym before dinner; Guilt free evenings and weekends on the coast to rest with my friend. Once work from home no money up front to accept these options and one around her program, how much was that surprised me. And not only that, I again felt the sense of Justice.  In addition to managed to develop a CareerHow staff BoundariesAlternative, the YourselfBegin set a traditional career options,.